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Remote Supports

Remote Supports for individuals and families are a fantastic way to provide additional options to individuals and their families. As an on-demand service, the individual and their team have complete control over how much support they receive.

Whether it is for just a few hours or extended periods of time, Remote Supports can assist individuals to live more independently or support a safe transition to independent living.

Individuals who receive services increase their freedom and independence by customizing their services and having more control over the hours when direct support staff is present in their homes. Families will have peace of mind that their loved one is still receiving the necessary oversight without the need of in-person support

Cultivating Independence

Our focus and purpose are for our Remote Support Services and technology to serve in Enhancing Lives and Promoting Independence Through Innovative Technology and Personalized Services. Remote Supports aids in the future stability and success of the individual as they develop the skills and confidence for living independently in their community long term.

How Does Remote Supports Work?

Remote Supports is extremely individually specific in that every alert that is sent by a sensor is associated with a protocol that is customized to the individual. This is true for EVERY alert, reminder, prompt, or staff handoff that is programmed into the system so that the Remote Support Professional responding to the event is consistent with what is expected.

An example of this would be the front door opening at the individual’s home during a period when the remote support system is active. Please see the below Remote Supports FAQ examples to better understand how it all flows:

Family Based Remote Supports FAQ:

Q: How is THS RSS different from a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)?

A: Our system includes many more sensors and devices above and beyond an emergency response button. THS RSS and Remote Support Professional can proactively assist with various activities of daily living while providing oversight to prevent emergency situations from occurring. Our remote support services are the equivalent of having a staff person in the home, without hands-on care. When additional support is needed, we dispatch the local backup contact.

Q: How many individuals do THS Remote Support Professional serve at a time?

A: This varies based on time of day (**if there are other factors, we can list those as well). During the overnight hours, one Response Specialist can monitor multiple individuals at a time because most individuals are sleeping and there are lower activity levels. This ratio drops during the daytime hours when people are more active.

Q: Can you combine Service Types?

A: Yes, you can combine any of our service types together to create a customized service package that best meets your individual’s needs.

Q: How do you address privacy and consent issues?

A: We work with the individual and their support team to set up a system that is appropriate for their needs and preferences. We require written informed consent for all individuals prior to beginning services. We avoid using cameras in private areas of the home such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Q: What happens in the event of an emergency?

A: Remote Support professionals will notify local emergency services (police, fire, EMT) if there is a major emergency. We can also notify local backup contacts in the event of non-emergency situations that require physical on-site assistance.

Q: What if this doesn’t work or the individual does not like the service? Are we stuck in a contract?

A: We do not require a long-term commitment and services are month to month

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