Provider Support

We Work Directly With Providers

As a Provider Agency, you want to offer the supports that are requested by your individuals that will best serve them. Always on Site Remote Support Services would like to be a partner in making these services another tool that you can offer to the individuals you serve and assist them in living as independently as possible.

We have worked with dozens of providers (both Independent and Agency) to make it as easy as possible to offer Remote Supports as a service to their individuals.

We are a resource that will work with the team to develop, install, and maintain a system that will best support the individual. We can guide you through the entire set-up process, and we have several options for working together to ensure the health and safety of your individuals.

RSS Services can be turned on or off at any time, making last-minute staff shortages more manageable.

RSS is a consistent and reliable system that can be put in place and depended on for the shifts assigned. Providers can significantly reduce unplanned emergency shift coverage from DSP’s that are into OT for the week. RSS is also very helpful for several emergency situations that would normally mean calling in a DSP with little to no notice. in-home staffing, RSS is an excellent way to control and reduce OT costs.

RSS significantly reduces calls to the On-Call staff overnight and on weekends.

By replacing shifts with RSS, it allows the provider to reallocate, preserve, and utilize valued staff where they are needed most.

Remote Support Professionals can “drop-in” on an individual during certain times of the day to verify that they are safe and do not need any help. Reminders and prompts are other types of supports that can be delivered as needed or specified in the individuals plan.

DSP burnout is a serious mental health concern that can occur when a person is both physically and mentally drained, which causes an inability to work as productively as they normally would. Using RSS Providers can reduce the frequency of their DSP’s becoming exhausted, frustrated, disengaged and unmotivated at work.

Provider Support Options

Contact Total Homecare Service for our Provider Support System is built SPECIFICALLY to serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

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